About the Series

Interpath the Joint Health Experts are delighted to invite participants from all over Australia to attend our Equine Professionals’ Webinar Series. The series includes presentations from highly experienced, respected veterinarians and surgeons to discuss and answer your essential questions.

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Go in the draw to WIN one of two $150 pre-paid VISA cards by registering before 1st September (must be present at the conclusion of the webinar to claim prize).

Why Attend?

Ongoing education in the p orld represents a challenge and an opportunity. The necessity to switch from on-site to online meeting format enables us to meet the needs of a greater number of young equine professionals, while facilitating quality interaction between speakers and attendees.

Content Delivery

In this series, the emphasis is on learning through the sharing of personal and professional experience. Speakers will not only detail the technical elements of their topics, but also turn the textbook aside to discuss their own learnings from challenges to help you avoid the same pitfalls.


Tuesday, September 8th

Working Up a Lameness Case – A Clinical, In-The-Field Perspective Dr Mike Tweedie VetEd CDP Points: 1

This session will provide an insight into how to approach a lameness assessment when in the field (often in trying environmental conditions). You will gain an understanding on areas including: Building a Historical understanding of the Issue, Examination Processes, Management of Client Discussions/Expectations and Invoicing. A personal approach will be provided based on Dr Tweedies personal challenges and learnings.

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Thursday, September 10

How I process a referral lameness and choose the best imaging modality Dr Ian Fulton

This presentation will introduce you to the process a Surgeon will take once a lameness case has been referred to them. Dr Fulton will outline the techniques used to ascertain which imaging modality to use to progress to an accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

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Monday, September 14th

Hoof Health-how to assess using modern techniques Dr Luke Wells-Smith

The feet play a very big role in an Equine athlete and as such it is important to understanding the biomechanics of the foot and where issues and challenges can arise. Dr Wells-Smith will demonstrate how as a Veterinarian we can approach assessment of some of these issues as well as address how we can diagnose and treat.

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Tuesday, September 15

Approach to the Laminitic Horse Dr Luke Wells-Smith

Laminitis and is a very common ailments but if not diagnosed and treated properly can be fatal. Dr Wells-Smith will provide a detailed understanding of how to approach suspected cases, the tools to utilise to diagnose and then the treatment programs recommended.

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Thursday, September 17

When to use surgery as a diagnostic tool for lame horses Dr Ian Fulton

While advanced imaging including MRI, Scintigraphy and CT scanning can improve diagnostic outcomes, there are still times that direct vision can not only provide an exact diagnosis but also allow treatment at the same time. Dr Fulton will discuss when surgery can be a valuable diagnostic tool.

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Dr Michael Tweedie

Dr Michael A Tweedie M.A., VetMB, MRCVS. Tweedie & Associates Equine Veterinary Services Born in N.Ireland, Graduated from University of Cambridge, England in 2002. Internship at Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital, Shepparton, VIC. After his internship, Mike moved into racetrack practice work in Melbourne. Mike has been in the Melbourne area for the last 17 years now. Mike started his own clinic in 2010. In the last two to three years, he has concentrated on the performance horse industry. Mike has a special interest in lameness assessment, diagnosis and management of all levels of performance horses and disciplines. Mike’s interest topics include foot management, tendon and ligament injury rehab and injury prevention.

Dr Ian Fulton

Dr Ian Fulton B.V.Sc., M.S., F.A.C.V.Sc. (Specialist in Equine Surgery) Fulton Equine Consulting Dr Ian Fulton has been involved with equine veterinary practice for 37 years. For the past 27 years, Ian has been a partner at the Ballarat Veterinary Practice Equine Clinic. He recently retired from the practice and now consults back to the practice through his new business, Fulton Equine Consulting. Ian is a registered specialist in equine surgery, he also spends a considerable amount of his clinical time dealing with equine lameness. The first operating equine scintigraphy camera in Victoria was installed by Ian in 1999 and he has been involved with over 3000 bone scans since that time. From 2000-2010, Ian consulted regularly in Singapore, Macau and Kuala Lumpur for both surgery and lameness work. While thoroughbred and standardbred racehorses make up a large portion of Ian’s workload, there is also an extensive sport horse and general pleasure horse population. In 2015, Ian was president of Equine Veterinarians Australia. Recently Ian was awarded a Fellowship of the Australian Veterinary Association and also the Provet Award for Excellence in the Equine Veterinary Field presented by Equine Veterinarians Australia.

Dr Luke Wells-Smith

Dr Luke Wells-Smith B.V.Sc. Motion Equine Podiatry Consulting and Kilmore Equine Clinic Dr Luke Wells-Smith is an equine veterinarian and the managing director of Motion Equine Podiatry Consulting and Kilmore Equine Clinic. Luke pioneered the first equine veterinary podiatry service in Australia which, in turn, led to his involvement with a number of different industries including Thoroughbred racing and breeding, advanced manufacturing and 3D printing, veterinary pharmaceuticals, medical imaging and software development.


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