Osteo-Restore™ Human Health

OSTEO-RESTORE with EPIITALIS® and Aquamin Forte.

OSTEO RESTORE with EPIITALIS® and Aquamin Forte is a daily dose of two to three easy-to-take capsules.

OSTEO-RESTORE contains two new active ingredients, EPIITALIS® and Aquamin Forte. Combined for the first time in a complete bone and joint health product, they work on the underlying ailment to repair, protect and actively maintain bone and joint health. The ingredients’ anti-inflammatory properties also provide pain relief for stiff and arthritic joints.

OSTEO-RESTORE represents a major breakthrough from traditional products, which, in the past, were often limited to simple pain relief and symptom management.

Why is bone and joint health important?

Over a quarter of Australians today are affected by musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

Arthritis is a progressive and degenerative joint disease causing pain, stiffness, inflammation and damage to joint cartilage and surrounding structures. This can result in joint weakness, instability and deformities that can interfere with the most basic daily tasks such as walking, driving a car and preparing food.

Osteoporosis is a condition that causes bones to become thin, weak and fragile, leading to a higher risk of breaks than in normal bone.

Effective bone and joint health management is vital to maintaining health and reducing the risks associated with these common musculoskeletal conditions.

Would I benefit from OSTEO-RESTORE?

OSTEO-RESTORE is intended for:

  • Anyone who wants to maintain bone strength throughout all stages of life.
  • Anyone with stiff or arthritic joints.
  • Anyone involved in high-impact sports.
  • People with a family history of osteoporosis.
  • Anyone aged over 35 years.
  • The elderly.
  • Women who have reached menopause.


Each vegetable capsule contains:

Calcified Lithothamnion tophiforme – (Aquamin Forte) 400mg – Equivalent to 128mg elemental calcium
Calcium hydrogen phosphate 314mg  – Equivalent to 72mg elemental calcium
Biota orientalis seed oil (Epiitalis) 50mg, Colecalciferol (Vitamin D3) 8.3mcg (333IU)

Free From:
No added artificial flavouring, colouring.  Free from Gluten, wheat, dairy or ingredients of animal origin – suitable for use by vegetarians.


Adults: Take 3 capsules per day. May reduce to 2 capsules after one month.

If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.


Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet. If on other medications, it is advisable to consult with your health care professional before taking OSTEO-RESTORE.

OSTO-RESTORE for an active future.

Epiitalis – Plant seed oil high in essential fatty acids patented for cartilage repair and anti-inflammatory properties.

Aquamin Forte – Marine-sourced multi-mineral calcium derived from the cytoskeleton of the red algae, Lithothamnion. Contains 72 trace mineral co-factors for bone health including zinc, magnesium and selenium.

Vitamin D3 – Vitamin D3 has been included in OSTEO-RESTORE to help assist the normal formation and maintenance of healthy bone through regulating and increasing the absorption of calcium.

From our customers

I’ve always been sceptical of what’s out there with so many taking advantage of people in the vitamin/supplement market with product that ‘may’ have results. I guess results are different person to person but for me it’s a refreshing change to know and use  products for both myself and even our pet that have significant effect and that I feel comfortable recommending to others to try too. 

-Justin Tregear

The results are nothing short of incredible. Winter is a particularly tough time with osteoarthritis, with the last few winters seeing me confined indoors due to the pain. Fast forward to winter 2018, which has been a shocker, and I can’t believe the fact I’m pain free this year!

- Jody Henderson Victoria

Animal Product Range


4CYTE™ EPIITALIS® Forte Gel for Dogs is a new, premium daily feed supplement for the treatment of acute joint disease, injury and pain. 

4CYTE™ for Dogs

4CYTE™ for Dogs is a premium daily joint supplement used to protect and repair damaged joints, and actively maintain joint health.

4CYTE™ EPIITALIS® Forte Gel for Horses

4CYTE™ EPIITALIS® Forte Gel is a premium daily horse feed additive used to protect and repair damaged joints, and actively maintain joint health. 


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